During our sessions together, my main focus is to tell a story, YOUR STORY! I want to capture your child's personality, the tiny hand of your newborn baby holding onto your finger, the giggles and squeals of your children and the tender kiss you place on your toddlers chubby little cheek. The warm embrace of your significant other and all the little in between moments as they unfold during our session. Don't worry about not knowing what to do next, through gentle prompts I will encourage you to interact with your family so I can photograph the natural, authintic moments that follow. Photographs are so much more than just a snapshot. They are the key to our memories. They have the power to take us back to a moment in time and relive it. Over time, memories fade; but with the power of a photograph, these memories can live on forever.

While I always make sure to capture that picture with everyone looking and smiling at the camera, you will find that you acutally spend more time laughing with your family and hugging your babies than you do posing for the camera. You will leave your session talking about how much fun you had, excited to see the real life moments that I captured of you and your family.